where the WILD dreams are

There’s a book I read when I was really little, it’s become a movie recently, so maybe you’ve already heard of it; it’s called, “Where the Wild Things Are.” It wasn’t my favorite book, but I like the idea of being able to escape from your reality to just go off and chase your dreams. This little guy, named Max, was dressed up as a monster, and went to off to an island where the wild things lived, and he LOVED it. He scared them, and they respected him, and he became king there, and that’s about all I remember. I know he came home in the end, but he also allowed himself to live in the in between. I love that.

A huge part of my life is spent [d r e a m i n g.] I absolutely love it. I love escaping the reality around me and going off by myself to somewhere special, somewhere new, and dreaming new dreams, impossible dreams, WILD dreams. I not only have a bucket list but I also created a dream list. The bucket list is filled with ideas I can chase, things I can choose to save up for. The dream list, those are my impossible to do without God ideas. 2 Corinthians 10:5 talks about taking captive every thought, so I take captive the wild dreams that could never happen, and then sometimes, I absolutely love that crazy idea and write it down.
A few of mine are:
– write a book
– start a nonprofit/profit store to fund orphanages in Russia
– publish an album
– to act on Disney ONCE
– oh, and to travel to every country before I die.
The thought thrills my heart. It makes it GO WILD. I think that’s what wild dreams are meant to do. They’re meant to let us live in a monster suit believing we can do what we dream up in our hearts.
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I’m not sure why it’s so easy for us to go through life never truly mapping out where we want to go someday; it honestly blows my mind. Because in Proverbs 29:18 it says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” If we never give vision to our wild dreams, well, they will remain just that, wild dreams. My challenge to you is: write down three impossible dreams and three that are possible to pursue. Then. Pray for those wild dreams. Max dressed up like a MONSTER. You know what I want to dress up like? A princess. I want to walk into my castle and ask my King for every little thing. I want to spend time with Him and believe I am royalty. And when I come back to my reality, I will come back changed every time.
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Chasing wild dreams requires bravery, yes. But it also requires just a little bit of belief. And that’s really [enough] to sail out into the mysterious seas of where the wild dreams are. Pursue bravery and clothe yourself in belief to freely go after what is in your heart. & in the end, you may find that you just absolutely LOVE where the wild dreams are. You’ll be wild for them — alive and free. And then you can come home, and be braver, a little bit taller, and so much more wilder than before.

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