In Seasons of Waiting

Once upon a time, a child dreamed a dream — one that was far greater than anything you could ever imagine, & Time was the child’s friend. They played together, grew together, and dreamt together often. But as the child grew up, the child became more demanding wanting the dreams to happen there and now, and Time… Time knew that wasn’t the best idea. And so they grew apart. It wasn’t until the child grew up and came back home, after chasing the world for his/her dream, that the child was met by Time. & Time had created a path for his old friend to follow. So down the path his old friend went, remembering that Time was good. & at the end of the road, the child’s dream awaited — every detail and every wish right before his/her eyes. In the end, Time was always on the child’s side, but it was also far wiser than the child knew. In the path Time created, the child learned, matured, and grew, so that when the child arrived at the end of the journey, the dream could be cherished and kept forever by the child, and not left broken and forgotten in time .

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It’s something that is endless and yet also limited. There’s only so much we can do in one given day, but there’s also many given days to follow. So how do we treat time? Or more importantly, how do we cherish time in seasons of waiting? For I have learned, time is much wiser than we know.

If you were wondering, the little child in the beginning lines was you. It was an {insert yourself} into the pages and remember your dreams  type of short story. It was gender-free and age-free because I know that we all, at all ages and at all times, have promises and dreams that we are waiting and longing for. And it’s not always so easy to trust in the waiting. But I have learned that God is kind, and God is wise, and He is the orchestrator of time that’s on our side in each of our very own stories.


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In my season of waiting, I’ve constantly had to speak to my heart, “Be still,” and have had many nights where I realize my life is as crazy as it sounds. I’ve been patiently waiting for five years now for so many dreams to come to pass when most people give up within five months and settle for less. But looking back, those five years honestly have passed by so quickly because they have been filled with such wonder in awe of what the Lord has done;  it doesn’t mean that the days don’t feel long, though. Usually those days are also as ordinary as they sound, and that’s why it may sound a little crazy that I flew to Australia because that was the path “Time” placed before me. The path is usually filled with days of coffee dates, creative wonder, and lots of Jesus, & that truly is enough for me. However, to the old wise man of earth, that doesn’t sound very productive. But in the Kingdom of God, somehow waiting on God is wiser than taking matters into your own hands. It would’ve been silly of me to land here expecting to walk into a palace prepared before me, for I wouldn’t have cherished time’s wisdom. Instead I’ve repeatedly reminded myself, “His promise is worth waiting for, and His timing is perfect,” and I have discovered wonder on every side. This is what I’ve learned on my path of walking through ordinary days and hearing God-whispers all around me along the way:

  1. {In seasons of waiting, His goodness and mercies pursue your heart in a divinely favored way.} << I have found that I would rather wait for the divine than settle for the ordinary. I want HIS hand to be over every area of my life, not just some parts of it. I want to be completely abandoned before Him because He can do [far more] with my all than I can with my greatest efforts.>>

2. {In the waiting, God is not silent.} <<You may just be listening for what you want to hear while He’s speaking to different areas of your heart you need to be listening for. If you’re only listening for “answers,” then you’ve veered away from the purest part of loving Jesus. Listen for His voice and you will find Him all around you like magic. >>

3. {When God is the One who speaks the promise, He is the only one who can keep His promise.} <<I believe that there’s a sweet anointing on what you’re waiting for — that is why it is worth the wait. Esther had 12 months of beauty treatments before she came to the King — six months with oils and six with perfumes. She was prepared with a sweet anointing during those 12 months to walk into a destiny far greater than she could’ve imagined, and I bet that when the royal crown was placed on her head, she felt that sweet anointing that she knew oh so well that accompanied her in the waiting. Her anointing  was far beyond just the “oils and perfumes” that the other girls had; Esther had a divine favor that was anointed within her heart while she trusted God to keep His promise– and that is what won the King over. >>

4. {When you’re in wonder, nothing feels like waiting.} <<Somehow the world has convinced us that time is not on our side. I believe waiting realizes time is our friend and decides to instead embrace time and see the wonder He has prepared all around us on the journey. When I was in New Zealand, I couldn’t get enough of the view around me. 5 hours of driving felt like 30 minutes because I was so in awe of God’s creation. How much more does He orchestrate beauty in our lives that we miss because we rush through the paths “Time” had prepared before us? If we would truly be here, we would see God’s handiwork all around us, and waiting would be an honor just to sit and take in all His beauty He took the time to create for us.>>


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In Hebrews 10 :23 it says: “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.I honestly cannot ever read that enough– He who promised is faithful to His Word. {Therefore, His Word is an anchor that we can trust.} The promises that He has spoken may not be in sight but it is because they are at the depths of your heart- anchored and unmoving.  & the reality is that there’s no use in fixing your eyes on something that’s unmoving; just fix your eyes on Jesus instead. Trust Him from the bottom of your heart with the depths of your promise by looking into His eyes and seeing His faithfulness look straight into the truest of longings of your heart, and embrace how He cares for them with such kindness. Proverbs 3:5-6 (MSG) reads: Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.”

There is strength found in the trusting; there is beauty found in the waiting; there is gold found in the refining, and there is such joy found in Jesus. 

In the words of C.S. Lewis: “I am sure that God keeps no one waiting unless He sees that it is good for him to wait.” Do not forget: God is kind and time is on your side– and both are your friends. & always remember, you can trust God from the depths of your heart because His promises are anchored there; and sooner than later, you’ll reach the end of your path and see those promises come to life right before your very eyes, and you’ll feel “Time” squeeze your hand saying, “This is all for you.”


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