Speaking in Silence

I miss the stars. It’s not because they aren’t here in Australia, but they’re just harder to see from my house with the city lights. When back home, I could simply climb my roof and see them oh so clearly, painted like sparklers in the night, reminding me of God’s sovereignty and wonder. I can see a few from here, but it’s just not the same rooftop view where I would meet God and He would meet me. But I wonder how much our promises are the same? That at home, it was so clear, so evident to us that {this dream} is actually what God had placed in our heart. Yet on the journey, they don’t look so bright, so close, so designed as they used to. And here we are, staring at three little lights wondering, “Where are you God?” Or really asking, “What are You doing?”

They say seeing is believing, but when it comes to faith, I have come to discover that we must have eternal eyes. For if we base our faith off of feeling over sight, we will settle for traveling hills and finding villages rather than climbing mountains and discovering kingdoms. Sometimes it’s not so easy to see the stars that God declared, but it doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared, it just means they’re beyond your sight at the moment. It doesn’t mean God has left you when you have no sight, it’s that faith can take you further than sight could’ve ever seen. Your sight may see the consistency of stars, but your faith can go beyond to see the perplexity of galaxies.

The world so softly whispers for us to prove that God is real HERE and NOW. That’s the society we live in- with microwaves and Google and texting. Yet some promises, the God-sized ones, aren’t typically here and now answered prayers. They actually require God to… well, be God. Doubt enters the scene when we try to put understanding to God’s eternal plan. It’s like trying to see the galaxies from our window. But because it’s so easy to rely on sight, we can so easily say: “God! I can’t see you, so I can’t believe in you right now.” Yet I’ve learned the hard way that this allows all this pain, discouragement, and insecurity to create this wall of vines to go up around your heart which keeps you blinded and binded from seeing what God has for you. But I’m glad that the Word of God is a double-edged sword for it is a great handy dandy weapon to cut through those vines with TRUTH to SEE God has been in the designed path before you all along. You just needed to trust, believe, and maybe persevere a little bit just enough to swing the sword once and watch how freeing it is to not be ensnared. He has come that you may live in full, but you can’t listen to the world at the same time.

Here’s a fact I’ve come to know: Just because God is silent doesn’t mean the world will be as well simultaneously. But here’s another truth: silence also doesn’t mean stay quiet. It doesn’t have much motion, and so it doesn’t have too much to see visually either. But you’ll learn that faith stands in silence like a rock that endures any storm, because it is unmovable when it is sure. Likewise, I believe there is great power in speaking in silence.  We declare with our mouths what we believe. That’s why we declare God as Lord of our lives -> because we believe it fully in our hearts. That’s why David screamed, “The battle is the Lord’s and victory is in His hand” before the giant was defeated. He declared what he believed beyond his sight. Both require seeing with eternal eyes. And I believe that the more you speak out the promises God has designed within you, the more clear your focus becomes on being unwavering in the journey ahead. Because it begins to actually believe what He said, and truly knows it is out there somewhere, though it may not yet be in sight.

The other day I was talking to a friend and he had basically come to the conclusion of giving up on God. And the funny thing is… I’m sort of protective of God– like he needs my protecting, (lolz). But to see people spit on Him with their doubts or throw stones at the kindest person I know with their insults, it breaks my heart. He is the purest and greatest Father I know, but I’m glad He always holds me back from going into warrior mode- because He is such grace. And so naturally, the first thing I felt was a rush of defensive anger, like a “Who are you to question God? Do you not see how far He’s taken you? Do you not remember that He is good?” But then… Then I felt Jesus, the one who understands that it’s easy to be faithless in hard times, it’s so easy to be disheartened when we fix our gaze with natural eyes. And I felt his compassion move, his mercy unfold, saying, “To the faithless, I am faithful.” This guy, He didn’t need someone to tell him his thoughts were wrong about God- I’m sure he knew. He needed someone to say:

Jesus sees you. He loves you. Just hold on to JESUS. Take your gaze away from the waves and cling to His hand that’s reaching out to your broken belief, your frail heart, your faithless sight. And let Him be God. For He is still good, and He is always faithful.”

1 Thessalonians 5:24 says, ” “The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.” It doesn’t say, he may do it if he feels like it, it says he will. Thankfully God doesn’t make a promise based off of emotions and He doesn’t keep it based off of feeling. He makes a promise based off of eternal sight which includes his sovereignty. Honestly, it’s so nice to see the stars because it’s a glimpse of His creation, but… even if we can’t see the stars here and now, will we believe that He’s still creating in His sovereignty? We all have stars in our lives of promises kept. Now we just need to trust Him with the galaxies we can’t see full of many many more stars and promises awaiting. Let me encourage you by saying the dreams and designs you gazed in wonder at from home were placed in your heart for a reason, but if you think you need your vision to see that design unfold, you would be fooling yourself. Instead, SEE with eternal eyes by holding that handy dandy double-edged sword and going after that eternal promise in your heart. For in your heart, faith is wide awake, ready and expectant for God to do whatever He wants to, and it is sure of the galaxy awaiting.


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