Trust: Fall as Heroes & Stand as Warriors

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To be honest, today I woke up angry. I was just so angry at the enemy. I was angry that the night before he attacked my confidence. I was angry that he tried to distort my perspective of God. I was angry that he attacked my identity as a child of God. & then, I was angry for every friend, every family member, and every church he was trying to tear apart. My anger grew because he tried to take me out, and for some reason, when he threw water on my fire, I became 10x hotter. Though at first it was the opposite of just that.

I first went into the downward spiral where every thought and feeling that wasn’t from God came at me like a wave. Yet, I’m thankful His grace caught me and pulled me back up onto the Rock. Like a bungie line that lets you fall but doesn’t let you sink, His Word kept my faith strong, and my heart remained untouched. Earlier God was speaking to me “fall,” and in this trust fall, I had to stop fighting to protect myself; I had to let my walls down to let His grace in. I then discovered that when you’re falling towards the waters, you see yourself. You may face every emotion, but you also, with wonder, see the warrior God has declared over you. When God caught me, I stood up 10x taller, and I burned 10x brighter, because I caught {a glimpse} of what the enemy was doing and {a glimpse} of who God says I am. Somehow, in the fall, in the letting go of “always being strong”, I discovered there was more within me, both good and bad, and yet I knew both were caught in the embrace of Christ.IMG_0626

In his embrace, I learned that feelings aren’t fact, but they’re also not fictional. They’re not a book we can close because we don’t like what they’re saying, but they do have truth hidden within their stories. Every “lie” you listen to is a background character, and as you discover why the character was shaped, you discover a hero waiting to be released.  Sometimes we are the main character in the story we overlook the most. Sometimes we don’t face ourselves, we don’t fall, because we are constantly trying to figure out the characters in different stories- slash other people’s lives. But, if we did look into the eyes of ourselves, we would realize that the pain we feel is because of a beautiful truth. An example would be, vulnerable truth moment, I’ve felt distant from “happy” for a little while now, because I feel like I’ve lost all my best friends. (And for those who don’t know me, my best friends are my world. I LOVE them with my whole heart.) And it’s not because they aren’t there for me, but because they’re not with me anymore. I can’t go knock on my best friend’s door and randomly go shopping or call them up and go on a coffee date to hear about all God’s doing in their lives. Though God is my home, and I know that, my heart still misses them like no other, & I’ve been diverting that pain. I haven’t been facing it because I was hiding in my strength. LOL. But the truth is, it didn’t mean I didn’t belong here, which was a background character, it was that I just missed the feeling of being with my best friends, of being known- aka: the hero. The hero part of the story is that, once I realized this, I finally opened up to letting people in HERE, and what a difference it has made in my new reality.

{Falling = facing your feelings and discovering the hero underneath}


Second, we all like to hide in the strength of our own armor rather than dressing daily in the armor of God. It may be more comfortable for a season, but it’s also not the finest quality and won’t last forever. The armor of God may have a glorious weight to it, but it is made to protect and to preserve. Over time, you grow in strength and find that there was more within you than you knew– and you’ll again, find that hero within. That’s why Psalm 91:4 says: “His faithful promises are your armor and protection.” {It is not the divine we need to guard ourselves from, but the destructive.} When we wholeheartedly believe a promise, a battle will be awaiting, but in that battle, we are unshakable when knowing God is fighting for us. It’s then that we must guard our hearts most from doubts that can lead us down destructive paths; it’s then that we must stay and not flee anchoring our spirits in the truth that He will prove faithful to His Word. That’s when we see the glimpse of the warrior he says we are, and we learn to stand tall in a war, and that may be the bravest act of all.

{Standing = being anchored in His promises as our armor}

However, there are different books on the shelf and different characters that are intertwined with our lives. So in regarding others, remember that the way they don’t know what you’re going through is most likely the case that you don’t know what they’re going through either. |So before you judge, love. Before you speak, see. Before you act, listen.| You may just be positioned in the perfect place at the perfect time to find a hero beneath someone else’s self-made armor. Let your words speak to their heart and not to their image. Speak to their heroes and don’t enhance their lies. Because there’s so much more to every person.

{Acting in love= knowing every hero is worth saving for they each have and are a noble cause worth fighting for. } 

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In fact, be reminded that YOU are a hero. You’re not Jesus, but you are a hero. Friends, you are more, you are more, you are more. And I’m sorry for every word that’s been said otherwise. Child of God, fall, see, and be embraced. Don’t fall into the ways of the world, fall into the arms of Christ. Be weak and let Him be strong. He will fight for you. He will rescue you. He will remind you of who He knows you are. Feelings are not fact, but they’re also not fictional, and there’s a hero beneath their surface waiting to be uncovered. Burn 10x brighter and 10x hotter when war awaits, and let that fire fan into flame your gifts and passions. Trust God, be brave, and take heart; fall as heroes and stand as warriors.

Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm.

Ephesians 6:13



One thought on “Trust: Fall as Heroes & Stand as Warriors

  1. Love you and this. Great reminder for me today, I struggle so much to hold that sense of ‘control’ I think I have, when in reality He’s just waiting to catch me if I’ll let him. Also I miss you and love you so much! And even if we don’t talk as much you are never diminished in my heart! You will always be one of my dearest friends. 💋💋❤️❤️


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