d r e a m x a g a i n 

Have you ever had a thought so WILD …so GRAND… so HUMUNGOUS…

that you let it go?

You actually forgot about it because it was SO bizarre that the label of impossible was quickly stamped upon it.

AKA: me three weeks ago. It’s funny because, honestly, I consider myself to be a Joseph, someone who dreams more than they think. Yet, there are still some dreams that are so far fetched that it almost feels like.. a real dream. You know, like that moment when you first wake up and have to separate reality from what was imagined while you were sleeping away?

These so often are like the God-whispers of our hearts, where wild thoughts are meant to grow, grand and gold treasures are meant to be found, humongous and bizarre beauties are meant to be stewarded. But sometimes, we see them more as this far off dream rather than a REAL, TANGIBLE, GOD-CLUE being placed in our path, nudging us with divine direction on how to get to where we want to go. We laugh because it’s hilarious to think that it could be true, but deep inside our desire for it to come true is sparking, awakening, alarming for us to see: this is our reality call.

So here I was in Australia, having just flown back from America, having no idea of what my next steps were to take. I saw the mountains, I heard the giants taunting, and yet my heart’s compass was still beckoning me – forward. “Onward, Kaytee. Faith forward. Adventure on. Now is the time!”

This is my crazy God-story:  I flew back with $3,800. $3,200 to pay for tuition and $600 for my 3 weeks of rent and food. Yet my compass was still pointing straight, so I kept running towards the mountains, praying, declaring, wondering 1,000 things. Then, Jesus whispered for me to move out of my house. Within 2 days, I gave away my room. The night of me stepping out in faith, God opened a door for me to move in with a family … rent free (and I didn’t even have to babysit!) Answered prayer number one. Provision came, but in His way! I lived with friends for 3 weeks, couch-hopping one week at a time with my one suitcase, until I could move in with this family. (It’s a temporary place – but it’s honestly been the greatest blessing I could’ve asked for.)

Weeks after, I sat in class, wondering wildly, and felt a tug on my heart to use my Instagram as a fashion influence to encourage the four corners of the world with. Slowly but surely, friends came and prophesied into this dream, making it less of a thought and more of a reality. It was not silent. It was a wake-up call. It was one I knew I needed to chase and honor God with. I knew it would be an adventure, for fashion was not my forte, Instagram was not my life, and I needed to spend my time job hunting, not writing posts and taking photos. But again, more friends came, out of nowhere, speaking into this wild wonder.

So— here I am, having dreams of worship leading globally daily, hosting a women’s conference in the near future, starting a non-profit for orphanages someday, building the church with all my days, and now reaching the lost, the wandering, the curious, through FASHION. I wasn’t expecting another great dream to be added to my bucketlist of impossibilities, but this is the perfect bow that ties all of my dreams together into one. God just knows us. He truly does see us through and through.

And so I’m here to tell you, my friend, dream again.

You never know what God could speak next that ties all your dreams together into a wake-up call. You’ll never imagine how perfect it is for you. You’ll never dream how perfect YOU are for it.

This is my vision for this blog, for my days to come:

Some people hear Jesus and close off, for it is not his name they hear, but {RELIGION}, more particularly… rules. There’s a plus side and a negative side to every good thing we have since birth… money, a home, school, family, even church. At times, we love it for its worth. But we truly learn to cherish it when we realize what life is like without it. For me, walking into church at the age of 15 was not something I was “used to”. Instead I was in awe, in an awe-struck wonder, completely enchanted by this extravagant love and peace and joy surging through the atmosphere. I met Jesus! I didn’t yet know the power of the gospel, but I knew the LOVE of Christ, and that was the beginning of my extraordinary adventure of chasing His whispers and being pursued by the Prince of Peace. My prayer has become to SHARE HIS LOVE WITH THE WORLD, and maybe say his name when necessary. But what if… someone‘s eyes wandered curiously from a [photo] to my [words]…. adventuring on to my blog and sensing such love, peace, and joy from them? What if… they accidentally met Jesus before hearing his name. Like talking to a stranger, falling in love with them, and THEN asking their name to realize — they’re the King of Kings! Just like I did. ❤ That is my heart. Not that I would become BIG, but that this could go so much bigger than just me. This adventure. This dance. This divine romance. That my life could be but a vessel for the one out there searching for “the answer” and finding HIM. <– Jesus!

And [in RETURN] to find themselves {in Him}! To be fully SEEN, LOVED, and CHERISHED for the unique stand out they are. Myth: life with Jesus is boring. Truth: life with Jesus is beyond what you could ever imagine. It is absolutely extravagant, because His love for you is limitless.


My heart can’t help but wonder: “what if finding the gold in others, finds the gold of our destiny?” “What if these unknown quests turn into the greatest God-adventures told for generations to come?” “What if chasing this small whisper changes everything and begins an awakening?” “What if my words become God’s love letters to the world?” You never know… And that makes it all the more exciting. (Smile)

Above all, I pray this will be the beginning of an adventure for us both, discovering God in an entirely new way, seeing His beauty everywhere, and taking in the sweet fragrance of His promised lands. Who knows? Maybe your time is now, and I’m your friend whispering to you, “Wake up. It’s true. It’s real. Go after the dream in your heart. Adventure on. Wonder wildly. And always dream again!”


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