A letter to the 18 year old ME

To my sweet, 18-year-old me,

You are probably on the back porch, soaking in the sun, ready to embark on your first adventure away from home. You are most likely dreaming of what friends you will meet, what prince may await you, and what more God has for you. In 5 years, you won’t begin to imagine what He has planned for you, so let me encourage you with four words that have kept me pursuing Jesus with everything: “do not give up.”

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You will go to college with the dream of someday going to Hollywood in your heart. It’s been your dream since you were three, but you will lay it aside as you start to think God is leading you to missions. You will discover for the first time what contemporary worship is, and you will fall in love with it. You will be in Africa on your 19th birthday, not knowing, this is the first of six missions trips you’ll be on over the next four years. {my advice: Keep trusting in the Lord with all your heart, not based on what you see, but by what you hear — for it will take you further than you could’ve dreamed. To see beyond your dreams, and go beyond them, you must first lay them aside.}

In college, you WILL find your best friends for life. One of them will be a girl you thought hated you for five months, and the other you will meet a few times before you both realize how much you love eachother and become inseparable. {my advice: Love people as they are, for they have so much more worth inside of them than first impressions see. Have courage and be kind to everyone- you will discover with time that they will become the very prayer warriors that will help you stand in spiritual battles and the answered prayers that will open doors that cannot be shut.}

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You will have HUGE dreams awaken in your heart in these five years. One of of them being to be a worship leader, another being to marry a worship leader, topping that with traveling the world with him. {my advice: KEEP WAITING ON THE LORD. He knows what He’s doing. Nothing is impossible with God, so stay with God, and always follow His whispers. Your faith in God will lead to greater places than your sight sees.} 

You will move to AUSTRALIA. God will speak this country over you at the age of twenty in a completely silent season. Instead of quitting college and moving there straight away, God will grow you in the next three years to prepare you for when you arrive here. In this season, you will begin to write a year devotional, will write some of your greatest worship songs, will make a traveling worship team you prayed for years over, and will become a licensed minister. At this time, you are still simply just in love with God for who He is himself, but in time, you will see His promises is a way of Him revealing Himself to you here on earth. {my advice: Keep asking for the impossible. Dare to dream it, dare to believe it. He loves the bold, audacious prayers that you ask, and you will see them come to life. There’s nothing too wild for Him that He wouldn’t answer for you that you may see His love wild is for you. Be brave in listening to your heart and silencing feelings that don’t match God’s Word– for you’ll find it’s more beautiful than you know.}

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Lastly, let me remind you that life is an adventure. Don’t take it too seriously. You will question so much, but God will answer everything in perfect timing. Laugh without fear of the future, because it pokes the enemy’s buttons, and stay sweet as the world challenges you to take its poison. Who you are is enough; God will remind you this time and time again. Live out your fears and you will live out your dreams – for the greatest things you love will also be the greatest things you fear. You will learn that perfect love drives out all fear, but it begins with stepping out of your comfort zone first. Your belief will become the most powerful weapon you use in the battlefield, and you will use it to fight for others who don’t believe in themselves. So again, do not give up. God has a plan for you, and as you surrender to His way, you will find His path leading you to the deepest dreams in your heart. Trust and courage is vital in these coming years for you- so hold onto them both tightly. And always remember, God loves you and is for you.


The 23-year-old Kaytee



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