coffee with kaytee


hi! if you know me at all, you’d know I love coffee… and not only just that, but coffee dates are my fave in particular. But because I can’t have coffee dates with all of youI thought it’d be a great idea to open up an option for you to either {grab coffee with me here in Australia sometime if you live around Sydney}, or to {email me ( if you’d like to chat over FaceTime or just have a simple cute conversation over Insta ❤ (@kayteemitchell). 

Any who, I’d love to hear your heart, your dreams, and even the seasons you’re going through, because that is my passion behind writing these blogs; I want you to be encouraged in your heart and inspired in your dreams, but I also would love to hear how they’re impacting your life for the better! Sometimes you just wish you could talk to someone and get a bit of advice and wisdom over coffee, and here we are, coincidentally,  at the same place and time! So lets talk! Lets grab coffee (even if it’s figuratively)! And lets walk through the wilderness together.

❤ Kaytee


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