about me


Hi! My name is Kaytee, and I so wish I could shake your hand or give you a hug to show you how happy I am for our lives to meet. Just imagine it for me, ok? But a little bit about me… hmm.. where to begin? I’m the lovely age of twenty-two at the moment and living in the beautiful country of Australia! America was my homeland for twenty-one years, and this is my sixth country I have packed my bags and traveled to since the age of nineteen. Coffee is one of my best friends, and donuts are rays of sunshine to me on any cloudy day. Pinterest is one of my girly addictions, while movies are the other. I dream more when I’m awake than when I’m asleep, my mind is a {constant} book of quotes, and that makes life a fantastic adventure.

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But mainly:

I’m so deeply in love with our Saviour. He has been so so good to me. Even before I knew him, even before I chose him, he pursued me as His chosen. On June 2, 2009, I felt this Love, this freedom, that was so light and so boundless, I committed my life to that Love that day, His name was Jesus. Effortlessly and without thinking, I said, “I do” to a Prince who has pursued me every day of my life. My heart ever since has been to share His love, this love that I found, or found me really, with the world. I believe that every person that is alive wonders if there is such a love, if there is such a hope, if there is such a goodness, and my heart replies with confidence– YES! We don’t know what freedom is until we taste it, and once you have a taste, your life will never be the same again. It’s something you’ll never forget. Here’s to a journey of listening to the word “Come” and discovering a life that’s full of surprises given in extravagance from my Prince. Where peace is your friend, and condemnation is far, far, away.





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